More cold on the way!

Short-Term Forecast Summary The parade of the maybe clippers! I put maybe in there because these next two systems are well, unimpressive, for now. Clippers by definition are fast movers and they tend to be moisture starved. These upcoming ones definitely fall in that category. Any snow that does fall from them will be light […]

Meteograms for DC

A Thought on the Future

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a borderline unhealthy interest in weather. It was something I was born with I guess. I cannot remember when I developed this near-obession, I suspect the Blizzard of 1996. But when I was younger, I would watch The Weather Channel for entertainment (when it was mostly weather…what […]

The NAO: Your Frenemy

NAO is negative…NAO is positive. You’ve heard me use those phrases before, but what do the different phases of NAO mean for us and more importantly, what is the NAO?  First, what is the NAO? Broadly, the NAO, full name is North Atlantic Oscillation, is a measure of the pressure differences between the Icelandic Low […]

NAO positions: heights and temperatures (NC State)

10-20-2013 8-35-40 PM

Forecast for October 21

Good evening everyone! We’ve got a bit of a frosty overnight to discuss and a cool forecast in store for the Midweek. But first, the headlines Forecast Tonight: Clear and cool. Temperatures fall back below 40 more to the north and west. Falling towards the lower to mid 40′s in the urban areas. Tomorrow: Excellent! […]


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